Tom Ricks hammers MSNBC after skewering Fox

Tom Ricks, the author and military expert who accused Fox News of being an adjunct of the Republican party, is playing no favorites when it comes to partisan TV networks. Washington Post: Most of those chortling over Tom Ricks's highly unusual ninety seconds on Fox News this week were wowed by the way he spoke liberal truth to conservative power, informing his astonished interviewer, Jon Scott, that the Sept. 11 tragedy at the U.S. mission in Benghazi, Libya,  had been "hyped" for political reasons, especially by ... Fox itself. Then, for an encore, he apprised viewers that their preferred news source "functions as a wing of the Republican Party." Out came the cane, and off went Ricks.  But that was no mere partisan smackdown; it was more subversive than that, and even more bracing. Because as it turns out, Ricks doesn't want to play on either the red or the blue team, and has no loftier view of Obama-cheering MSNBC than of...(Read Full Post)