Thin Margins for Same-Sex Marriage

Election night results from the four states with same-sex marriage on the ballot in one form or another tell a tale:  State Voted FOR Same-Sex Marriage Maine 53% Maryland 52% Minnesota 51% Washington 52% Here's what is really interesting: these are liberal states, ranging in shades of blue from indigo to cobalt.  The effort to defend the definition of marriage outperformed the GOP ticket in every single case. State Voted AGAINST Same-Sex Marriage Voted FOR Romney/Ryan Maine 47% 41% Maryland 48% 37% Minnesota 49% 45% Washington 48% 43% The difference between the percentage of those who voted against same-sex marriage in each of these states and those who voted for Romney/Ryan represents the minimum percentage of Obama/Biden supporters who are against redefining marriage. In my home state, Maryland, a minimum of 23% [100% - (37%/48%) = 23%] of the opposition to same-sex marriage came from...(Read Full Post)