The Storm Analogous to the Fiscal Crisis.

Politics makes strange bedfellows they say.  Can there be a better example than Obama and Chris Christie walking shoulder to shoulder through the carnage left by "Sandy" in New Jersey?  Christie treated Obama harshly, and rightfully so, at the Republican National Convention. And as circumstances would dictate, he is now pleading with Obama, and rightfully so, on the behalf of his native New Jersians, for Federal assistance.   Though this is great theatre and imagery, it truly is merely procedural, common and expected. But it seems a shade awkward. Obama seems to enjoy the political irony here.  Every second of it. But shouldn't one pause and say, "Look, something good is happening here. Political opponents are coming together to solve a problem."  This is none other than forced cooperation. I would hope President Obama, and maybe Harry Reid, paused and reflected. There are a few things to take away from this Christie / Obama moment. First, let us remember...(Read Full Post)