The Revenge Presidency Begins

What's with the revenge theme coming from two successful black multimillionaires? First it was Barack Obama. Now Beyonce has posted this vengeful message on her Tumblr account following Romney's defeat: Take That Mitches Beyonce did delete this childish garble after a while but it still makes you wonder why a 32-year old pop star living the American Dream and worth $300 million isn't just happy her man won. What did Mitt Romney supporters ever do to Beyonce to elicit such a response? Most people have trouble losing gracefully; Beyonce and her ilk can't win gracefully. Why the vitriol? Perhaps it's because the singer is best friends with a First Lady who clearly has issues with white middle-class people. Black leaders have been stirring up this kind of hatred since Michelle's hero, Stokely Carmichael, came on the scene in the 60's. His anti-white, anti-America rants have poisoned one generation after another. His writings were the basis for Michelle's 1985 thesis at Princeton....(Read Full Post)