The priest, concealed carry, and the stalker

Chicago's notoriously liberal priest-agitator and local media darling, Father Michael Pfleger, is glad President Obama has been re-elected. Pfleger is, not surprisingly, continuing to push for more gun control (while looking the other way as the Obama administration persecutes the Church that ordained him). From NBC Chicago: An outspoken Chicago pastor is fighting to keep Illinois the only state in the nation that prohibits its citizens from carrying concealed weapons. 'Those that are concerned about pushing for concealed carry: read the papers, look at the facts, look at the blood, and wake up and care about life more than money,' Fr. Michael Pfleger said at a Monday press conference at the Chicago Temple. Meanwhile, a woman was recently arrested for stalking the renegade priest. From the Chicago Tribune: A Deerfield woman charged with stalking the Rev. Michael Pfleger told authorities that God told her she was supposed to marry the priest, prosecutors said...(Read Full Post)