The Leadership Disconnect from Sandy

The other day something truly horrible happened to New Jersey, Staten Island, and much of the rest of New York City. The electricity is still off in most places. They are pumping out the tunnels and subways as best they can, but food and fuel and services are short in many neighborhoods. The rescue efforts have been hampered by a lack of coordination and resources. The greatest city in the world is now more akin to Nairobi at the moment. People are having to seek water, restrooms, and help wherever they can. The people are hanging tough in most cases. There have been few fights and crime here and there but overall New Yorkers and Jerseyites and even some of y'all up in Connecticut are making us proud as a nation. But there is one group who have not done us proud. It's the same group as always. Despite the mayhem and the need, Bette Midler and Cipriani and a number of other socialites just had to proceed with their parties and events. There's never a time like a crisis to party...(Read Full Post)