The GOP can't 'out-left' the left

I tried.  I honestly and truly tried to get on board with the idea that the Republican Party must now jettison conservatives, make a left turn and charge hard towards the center. I listened to all the faultless logic; I processed all the reasonable arguments; I even, for a brief time, tried to convince others that yes, it appears as if the political winds of America have shifted irretrievably away from conservatism. That's right, in the disappointing aftermath of election night I swallowed it, and for a few days I even managed to keep it down.  But it treated me just like cheap whiskey treats some poor sot who guzzles too much to make the nightmares go away - it poisoned my system and I regurgitated the whole mess.  I flushed it from my life, hopefully for good. The United States of America does not need two left-wing parties, and in my opinion those who believe that they can make the Republican Party more palatable to left-wing voters are fooling...(Read Full Post)