The golden goose has fled

Once upon a time a couple found a goose that laid one golden egg per day.  Greedy and impatient for more gold than their daily allotment, the couple killed the goose after a few weeks, certain they would find a huge golden lump in its stomach.  To their surprise and dismay they discovered the goose had   ordinary insides;  they had destroyed their  source of gold.  This ancient tale of greed and impatience, jealousy and self destruction is as relevant today as when first propounded in Aesop's Fables so long ago. Government officials who blithely talk of punishing/taxing "the rich" to fund their redistribution schemes soon discover that "the rich", the golden goose if you will,  are no more.  Some decide not to work so hard, following the adage it isn't what you make, it is what you keep.  Others decide to keep it--somewhere else.   This is happening in France.  France, which limits working hours but...(Read Full Post)