The God of the Here and Now

My wife and I were watching a sermon by Charles Stanley the Sunday before the election. In it, the pastor of the large, Atlanta-based church pulled no punches. He explained that America has slowly been going downhill ever since we took God out of the classrooms. I turned to my wife and said, "Not only that, it's when we took God out of the churches." The vote on November 6th woke up a lot of hardworking patriots who, the night before, had thought the battle was won. How could the voting public look at the two starkly different candidates, one for free stuff, the other for freedom, and choose the free stuff guy? The freedom candidate was saying he would put people back to work. The free stuff guy was saying, in effect, relax, I'll take care of you. It's interesting that in the final days of campaigning, Obama added the phrase, "You know you can trust me," to his stump speech. For those of us with eyes wide open, we're thinking, "You said you'd cut the deficit in half, that unemployment...(Read Full Post)