The Gaza ceasefire is the end of the beginning.

Anyone who believes that the current ceasefire between Israel and the Hamas terrorists in Gaza will hold has to ignore modern Middle East history, Hamas, and the Palestinian and Hamas charters.  With regard to modern history, we need to look back no further than operation Cast Lead in 2009 to appreciate what ceasefires mean to Hamas: Ceasefire negotiations are taking place under the shadow of bitter experience of previous truces, most prominently Israel's unilateral ceasefire ending the three-week Operation Cast Lead campaign in January 2009. The government of former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert declared that as of January 18, 2009, "First a ceasefire is declared. If Hamas stops firing rockets, then Israel pulls its forces out of the Gaza Strip. If rocket fire resumes then the IDF goes back in, this time with the international backing gained by having tried a truce." Hamas spokesman Farzi Barhoum said at the time, "The occupier must halt his fire immediately and withdraw from...(Read Full Post)