The 'Disparate Impact' Jobs Killer

AT already has a piece on the huge announced layoffs following the Obama reelection outcome. But the Obama-Holder team plans a social justice initiative that will only exacerbate the situation. The DOJ is gearing up to file "disparate impact" lawsuits against banks, rating agencies, and American business generally if blacks and minorities don't get their "fair" share of loans and jobs based on demographics. Even schools face lawsuits if more blacks and Hispanics are suspended than whites. Welcome to the Obama fairness doctrine. Instead of hiring the best people, business will be forced to hire the best quota-based applicants. The loans component will just reinflate the housing bubble. The jobs component is guaranteed to make American businesses less competitive and shrink business that compete internationally. Some businesses with a strong international component are already planning moving more of their business abroad. The detailed account of the damage the threat of "disparate...(Read Full Post)