The Democrats' Fiscal Cliff Strategy

It's hard to believe this strategy amounts to "winning" for Democrats and their followers. 1. Legislate huge spending increases without a Republican vote. 2. Ignore record-breaking budget deficits caused by this legislation while you still have control of both houses and the White House. 3. Expect the Republicans to eventually go along with the spending increases you shoved down their throats. 4. Then look very perplexed at Republican resistance to tax increases during a major recession, only needed to cover the spending increases you rammed home. Revert to talking a lot about the country's best interests, and the burden on future generations, except for causing/ignoring the problem in the first place. 5. Repeat this act hundreds of times, of course without mentioning the lack of any Democrat effort to correct it while they controlled Washington. 6. Don't worry about that concerned look morphing into a blank stare - it's bound ...(Read Full Post)