The Cairo Express

Of all the major Arab states, Egypt had once appeared the most "liberal" because of:  the ameliorating influence of the Coptic Church, a relative cultural modernity, the pride associated with their Non-Islamic Golden Age, and an earnest desire to interact with the West. One, therefore, shudders in alarm at this ancient people's suicidal flirtation with imbibing a full draught of Islam's theocratic poison- since such folly can only result in: untold suffering, civil war, economic penury, religious repression and moral diminution-- effectively extending the great chain of man-made human tragedy throughout the entirety of the Middle Eastern arc. Tragically, in the tinder box of the Middle East, only authoritarian strongmen have been able to quell the cultural belligerence and ancient animosities rooted in tribal cleavages, and then solely through the iron mailed fist of third world justice. As their dominant power was eclipsed, the ancient worms of time-stained vengeance and...(Read Full Post)