Suspicious vote count in Allen West race

The Allen West re-election campaign is raising questions about the very odd behavior of the St. Lucie County Supervisor of Elections, Gertrude Walker. Rep. West carried the other two counties in his district, but "lost" St. Lucie County. The campaign's official website writes: West for Congress released this statement regarding the growing inconsistencies and continued obfuscation coming from St. Lucie County Board of Supervisors, Gertrude Walker, regarding the election results. "Last night during a press conference, the Supervisor announced her office had determined that approximately 3,650 ballots were double-counted on election night, and approximately 1,950 ballots were not counted at all, with all ballots coming from the last three days of early voting - which is what was retabulated on Sunday. However, if this information is accurate, the total vote in the county should have decreased by 1,700 votes after the Sunday retabulation. Instead the total votes cast declined by 799. It...(Read Full Post)