Surviving the Political War

A quick cursory glance at the television informs us that we are at a culmination.  It is readily apparent that anyone who was honestly receptive to our moral suasion arguments had either been emboldened to embrace our rhetoric or had broken ranks and joined our opposition's.  And for good or ill, those who remained fixed in their indecision were as those in Dante's outer vestibule -- who made no decision and took delight in that amorphous neutrality.  For such timid souls, we reserve only the scorn and pity for men who cared not enough to be thought of as being either hot or cold -- men who languished at the frontier of lukewarm moral regard and gave more quarter to the satiation of their comforts and appetites than in the weighty prospects that attend the search for the Good Life. For those who are philosophically wedded to the conservative caste: men and women who trust in the wisdom and light from the ancients or in that Eternal City, the political war we have...(Read Full Post)