Sore Liberal Winners

A petition drive at to allow a number of states to secede from the Union has drawn quite a bit of attention in the media. It has also drawn quite a bit of attention from progressives who have doffed their white cloaks to reveal the brown shirts beneath, as Rick Moran chronicled here recently; there is a petition posted to strip any American who signs one of these petitions of their citizenship and deport them (to where?) This is typical leftist strong-arm coercive behavior, in the proud tradition of National Socialism at its finest. Nobody who signs one of these really believes for an instant that their state will secede from the Union; these petitions are purely symbolic, a way to express displeasure at both the current administration and Congress -- including the GOP establishment running the loyal opposition. It is a way of asserting the 10th Amendment to the Constitution, making it plain that we still have states and that those states are not going to simply roll...(Read Full Post)