Skewed Polling Meets Energized Conservatives

Polling firms continue to oversample Democrats by preposterous margins to deliver polls reflecting President Obama ahead of Governor Romney in battleground states. Therefore, when his complicit media lapdogs gleefully report the top-line result, it can be quite demoralizing to voters wanting a better path for America. But when you dig into the poll numbers themselves, the president really is in dire straits -- even within his own party. Therefore, the polling institutions wanting a positive Obama-result have no choice but to find a few more Democrats willing to vote for the guy. So if they can prevent just a handful of Romney voters from turning out on Election Day, maybe Obama's would-be losses in these various states will be less embarrassing. Take the latest poll coming out of Iowa, for example. It was conducted by the Des Moines Register and now sits atop the other Iowa polls over at Real Clear Politics. It claims Obama is now leading Romney by 47-42. This means that 11 percent...(Read Full Post)