Shovel Ready

Today, arguably the most important election we will see in our lifetimes comes to a conclusion. The winner will be decided by a matter of electoral votes and tomorrow each of us will have to play the cards that have been dealt to us. Today, on my way to the polls, I was given a stark reminder of the differences in the two candidates running for the presidency. While driving to the polling place, I drove past a large number of local candidates -- each hoping that his/her wave will convince me to vote for them. There they stood by their signs; hot coffee in their cups and a comfortable lawn chair in which to sit and perform their waving duties. All except one. While many were perfectly comfortable in their lawn chair and a warm coat, I witnessed one candidate -- who was vying for an open state house seat -- occupying his time in a far more productive manner. He looked up from his shovel just as I passed by and gave me a nod and a slight waive with a large callused hand. This man, not...(Read Full Post)