Roger Cohen and the New York Times: Useful Idiots

As Operation Pillar of Defense continues apace, the New York Times continues its unrelenting propaganda war against the Jewish state.  This time they employ Roger Cohen, the Times' convenient point man for its anti-Israel crusade, to do their dirty work.  In his November 19 screed, "Gaza Without End," Cohen implies that Israel's defensive military campaign was motivated by a desire to improve Netanyahu's standing with Israel's electorate.  We'll get back to this convoluted absurdity momentarily, but it's worthwhile taking a brief moment to examine Roger Cohen and his radical views on Israel and the Muslim world. In February 2009, Cohen showered praise on Iran for its benevolent treatment of its Jewish hostages.  He conducted "interviews" with Iranian Jews who, under the watchful eye of a government "interpreter," had quite naturally nothing but praise for the oppressive mullahs.  In June 2011 he dismissed Israel's legitimate concerns over a nuclear armed Iran...(Read Full Post)