Republicans not likely to take Senate

With a slew of vunerable incumbents, it was thought that the GOP would have a fairly easy time in fashioning a Senate majority in 2012. But poor candidates, well funded Democrats, and an electorate who appear to be happy with divided government, has probably derailed GOP chances for a victory. Wall Street Journal: The Democrats have incumbents running in traditionally GOP-friendly territories Missouri and Montana, as well as incumbents and challengers for open seats competing in swing states Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Wisconsin. And because of retirements by Democratic lawmakers, the Democrats have also had to compete in states like Nebraska and North Dakota, which had been held by a Democratic senator despite being red-leaning states. In contrast, the only GOP incumbent in a blue state seeking re-election was Sen. Scott Brown in Massachusetts, while Sen. Dean Heller is seeking his first full term in the swing state of Nevada. But then Sen. Olympia Snowe of Maine said...(Read Full Post)