Rahmbo: Modern day 'Sun King'

We all remember learning that Louis XIV thought very highly of himself, (although, there appears to be some doubt that he ever said, "L'État, c'est moi").  However, it looks like Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel fancies his own self as a modern-day Sun King, ruling, as it were, unchecked there on the South Shore of Lake Michigan. It seems that Rahm Emanuel believes that silly laws against electronic eavesdropping don't apply to him or that they are just minor inconveniences that may be brushed aside at his whim (Oh, you haven't heard about that---Try searching, and you, too, will find zilch from the MSM on it). The eavesdropping and its dismissal by His Honor really should come as no surprise to anyone familiar with "The Man With Nine-and-a-Half Fingers" (as his autobiography might dramatically be titled) and his imperious ways.  After all, he was the arrogant driving force supervising the task force attempting to create HillaryCare Think of the worst boss for whom you have ever...(Read Full Post)