Publicize Congo's hidden tragedy

While black politicians, many media people and other liberals are busy playing the race card about Susan Rice, Congolese native Vava Tampa, of Save the Congo, poignantly asks where are they when they are really needed.  Why was so much media attention focused on the week old war when Israel decided to defend itself against hundreds of rockets launched from Gaza?   Despite harsh press restrictions, some information about the savage civil war in Syria reaches the rest of the world, Vava comments.   But little attention has been paid to the brutal war in the Congo.  And it should insists Vava. If humanitarian crises were listed by some sort of moral -- or editorial -- standards on the stock exchange, to help indicate which ones urgently require international news coverage and political action, shares of the situation in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) would have commanded international news headlines and extensive press coverage over the past...(Read Full Post)