Pander, Baby, Pander

There are many things that we can garner from the results of Tuesday's election (that half of America welcomes the recent, drastic move toward Euro-socialism, for example), but none of them is more pertinent or poignant than the fact that the Democratic Party, and leftists in general, are experts at pandering. Conservatives stink at it. In fact, one could make the argument that GOP presidential nominees never pander to the "groups" whose overwhelming support helped Barack Obama pull off his relatively easy win over Mitt Romney on Tuesday night... the African American community, the Latino community, even women. OK, maybe George W. Bush did a little pandering to the Latino community occasionally, due largely to his Texas roots and the Latino connections within his family. And that's exactly the point. He won twice, with underwhelming, but respectable support from the Latino community. He pandered to them a little. And it worked. But conservatives don't see life or people that way. They...(Read Full Post)