Our Sam Cooke president don't know much

The Daily Caller reports that one Columbia University donor claims to know Barack Obama had a 2.6 grade point average at the school.  Obama's GPA, of course, remains unconfirmed because he refuses to authorize disclosure of many of his records. Many successful people were poor students, drop outs, or even did not attend college.  If Obama's GPA were only 2.6, there's little reason to place much emphasis on it. It's Obama's performance in office that counts.  Yet even that seems reminiscent of the Sam Cooke song, "Wonderful World."  The Obama presidency has been built on a disregard for history, science and math.  History shows that government unconstrained by law is tyranny.  Science proves that man's greatest achievements have been best achieved with the humility of our limitations, a virtue sorely lacking in this White House, yet with a sense of optimism.  Math proves that you can't spend more money than you have without adverse consequences. The...(Read Full Post)