Oliver Stone's American 'History' docu-series should be labeled comedy

Perhaps "black comedy" as this review in Bloomberg makes clear: Narrating over old newsreel footage and archival photos, the sonorous Stone recites a detail-packed leftist history, disputing notions of American exceptionalism. Written by Stone and American University professor Peter Kuznick, "Untold" bloats with details from the duo's 700-plus- page companion tome. It's like watching an audio book. The four hour-long episodes available for review span World War II through the early years of the Cold War. Recounting the minutiae of wartime pacts, political maneuvering and battlefield victories, Stone challenges, for example, the claim that "Americans won World War II." The Soviet Union, he says, was the deciding combatant. But does anyone really claim that the U.S. single-handedly defeated the Axis powers? Straw man arguments are as plentiful here as claims to originality. Indictments of empire-building and American militarism might not be common in grade-school history classes, but...(Read Full Post)