Ohio by way of Somalia

Friends, I really, really hate reporting on left-wing fraud efforts. One wants to believe in ballot integrity, that this - America - isn't some 3rd world rathole where juntas miraculously snag 90% of the vote from Shanty City. But we have to remember, there are Americans who welcome this, and not only welcome it, but work toward destroying election integrity for two reasons: 1) they can't win on the merits; and 2) they seek the power to destroy liberty by means of acquiring monopolistic power.  The left has no virtue, no morals and, as in all things Alinsky, the means justifies the end. Which brings us to Ohio, where "immigrants"... errr, refugees.... have suddenly - miraculously! - taken an interest in politics.  Yes, the exact same thing that I watched occur in Nevada - union buses off-loading non-English speaking "citizens" who were directed to vote for Harry Reid - is happening in Ohio - this time with Somalis. These people don't know amnesty from apples, and likely...(Read Full Post)