Obama's Machiavellian Ploy

I suppose it is written somewhere in the Machiavellian Handbook of Political Stratagems that when you need to win an election and your entire record in office is a smoldering hulk of ruin reminiscent of the Twin Towers aftermath, one needs to let the devil take the hindmost and strike out at your opponent in any feasible fashion: a political knee to the groin, hamstringing his foreign policy from behind, a quick thrust to the moral jugular, or perhaps a calculated and relentless rhetorical fusillade consisting of wave upon wave of negative bludgeoning and rank character assassination. To wit, the president must divert our gaze from the following litany: President Obama, having utterly failed in his tubercular handling of foreign policy matters, has proven his deftness in both setting the Arab world ablaze by his proactive stance in Libya and Egypt -- sending the region from the frying pan into the fire -- and reducing American prestige in the bargain through perfecting the art of...(Read Full Post)