Obama's Character isn't King

Over the weekend, on the campaign trail, President Barack Obama let his mask slip again.  The president's offhanded remark that voting is the best revenge betrays the anger in the man - and not just anger about a reelection in jeopardy. Under the carefully crafted façade of a healer and unifier, Barack Obama harbors resentments.  Millions of voters saw the president's smoldering anger and resentment breakthrough in his televised debates with Mitt Romney.  Aren't hardships and trials supposed to bring out the best in a man?  The issue becomes one of character when a politician's public persona is so divergent from the real man.  There are complex reasons for Mr. Obama's desire to "transform" America (to essentially overturn the Reagan Revolution and make America a corporatist approximation of Western Europe), but one reason - and not minor - is his desire to punish the successful and productive; to "level" Americans who aspire to more; who cherish their...(Read Full Post)