Obamacare: Buyer's remorse?

Obamacare repeal was a severe election casualty, but the very untenable nature of the law may force Congress to take another look, and slow down or change some budget-breaking and job-killing features of the law. Stuart M. Butler of the Heritage Foundation, writing on the Journal of the American Medical Association web site, contends that the "core elements of the ACA remain very much in play," because the effects on the deficit and on job creation are likely to pressure Congress to make changes to the law: ...lawmakers will be desperately searching for ways to delay or cut spending to deal with the deficit. That adds up to 2013 being a year for buyer's remorse in Congress and around the country. The reaction of employers to the ACA is likely to be the first pressure point for changes in the ACA or at least the suspension of some of its provisions. With employers reluctant to hire and considering more part-timers in the face of the Obamacare mandates, continued weak employment...(Read Full Post)