Obama Poker

This week, GOPers will again be sitting down to another game of "Obama Poker."  This is not the kind of poker with which we are all familiar -- you know, the one wherein the person being "called" must show his hand first. In Obama Poker, the bettor says something like, "Under my plan, health insurance costs will fall."  And the caller says, "That's ridiculous because more people will be covered under any comprehensive plan."  And the bettor then says something like, "Your plan would deny Medicare to the elderly," and he rakes in the chips -- without ever showing details of his plan. Isn't that exactly what happened during the ObamaCare debate?  Did anyone anywhere ever see a piece of paper describing the details of what was in "my plan"?  Did Mr. Obama ever enunciate any details of "my plan"?  The answer to both questions is resoundingly in the negative. Yet he constantly used the phrase "my plan" and got away with it -- and with all the chips! To expect...(Read Full Post)