Obama Is Passive-Aggressive toward Israel

In Obama's speech in Cairo, he wanted to put daylight between America and Israel so that he could create brotherhood between Muslims and Americans.  Rah, rah -- he is a big Arab-supporter.  Doesn't he realize that courting Muslims leaves Israel like an ex-girlfriend, shunned and weakened? When Egyptians deposed Hosni Mubarak, Obama claimed that there was no danger of a Muslim Brotherhood member becoming the head of Egypt.  In that case, what's Mohammed Morsi doing as the president of Egypt?  Nice mistake, Obama...or nice lie.    Obama didn't actually change America's policy towards the Middle East; he didn't attack Israel on behalf of Hamas or Hezb'allah.  He didn't become Israel's outright, honest enemy.  He is too sly for that.  His treachery comes in shades of gray. Instead, he emboldened the terrorists by making them feel that if they attacked Israel, he wouldn't interfere.  This way he could pretend that he was not an ally of the...(Read Full Post)