NYT on Benghazi: It's Bush's Fault

Okay, that headline is a bit of an exaggeration...but not by much. The New York Times finally published a rare story addressing security failures in Benghazi -- on the Sunday before the election. The story, titled "Libya Attack Shows Pentagon's Limits in Region" -- no mention of Obama's limits -- appeared below the fold on the front page of the Sunday paper.  On nytimes.com it gets a single line under "More News," below a human interest story on how "Young Runners Draw Cheers and Concerns" regarding two 12-year-old girls in Texas.  Clicking on this link brings you to the global edition's Africa desk.  See, it's a story with relevance to Africa, not Tuesday's presidential election. The story posits a new narrative to explain the Benghazi fiasco: At the heart of the issue is the Africa Command, established in 2007, well before the Arab Spring uprisings and before an affiliate of Al Qaeda became a major regional threat. It did not have on hand what every other regional...(Read Full Post)