Not This Time, Mr. Soros

A day before the election and by most accounts, it is too close to call.  The Democrats will do anything within their means to effect a desirable outcome in tomorrow's presidential race -- bussing in students, paying people to register and vote (e.g., Ohio), dead people voting, people voting multiple times, New Black Panther voter intimidation, etc. are all on the table, as they know in their hearts that they will not be seriously challenged if Obama and his administration prevail.  The wealthy far-left elites, however, rely on more insidious techniques to influence the outcome. In 2006, George Soros and his Democracy Alliance comrades formed Secretary of State Project (SOSP), a 527 group whose primary aim is to help elect left-leaning secretaries of state, who will theoretically oversee the ballot recounts in battleground states for elections that are too close to call.  The group was formed in response to the controversial 2000 presidential election, when George W....(Read Full Post)