NAACP Takes Over Houston Polling Place

There are credible reports that NAACP activists took over a Houston, Texas, polling station, urged voters to vote for the Obama-Biden presidential ticket, and also gave them rewards to do so. Poll watcher Eve Rockford said members of the left-wing so-called civil rights group appeared at the early polling place wearing NAACP-labeled clothing and 50 cases of bottled water.  The activists handed out the water bottles to individuals standing in line waiting to vote.  They were also "stirring the crowd" and "talking to voters about flying to Ohio to promote President Barack Obama," said Rockford, who was trained in poll-watching by True the Vote, a prominent electoral integrity organization. Rockford said, "The NAACP began hand picking people out of the lines and began moving these people to the front of the line.  The people were getting mad and asking why were these people being moved to the front of the line." Rockford said she complained about these irregularities and...(Read Full Post)