Mr. Obama, Round II: Not a Mandate

The race was tight. Tight enough that one winces when the Left declares a mandate for Mr. Obama. Mr. Friedman's analysis is characteristic: It seems that many Americans went to the polls without much enthusiasm for either candidate, but, nevertheless, with a clear idea of whom they preferred. The majority seemed to be saying to Obama: "You didn't get it all right the first time, but we're going to give you a second chance." In a way, they voted for "hope and change" again. That's a bit sloppy. Americans demonstrated a "clear idea of whom they preferred"? Nearly half the county voted for Mr. Romney, and as Mr. Friedman just conceded, many who voted for Mr. Obama were disenchanted. The final sentence, in fact, reverses the mandate: voters shouldn't need to cast their ballots for "hope and change" when they're reinstituting an incumbent. Mr. Obama was ideological as ever in his victory speech. Love, Duty, Charity, and Patriotism, claimed Mr. Obama, define America. It's a post-historical...(Read Full Post)