More Liberal Intolerance

Our friends at Powerline have a couple of great pieces up today. The first, by John Hinderaker, is about Kim Kardashian. Kim Kardashian!? If you know who Kim Kardashian is, you probably don't have a very high opinion of her. I know more than most about the Kardashians because my daughters are fans of their reality TV show...[.]If Barack Obama knew as much about business as Kim Kardashian does, or...[if he] worked as hard, he would be a much better president. Mr. Hinderaker gives Ms. Kardashian props for"being willing to display patriotic sympathies." Last night, she attended the Marine Corps Ball in North Carolina, as the guest of one Sgt. Gardiner. This is not a new concept...[.] Still, she seems to have rearranged her schedule to fit in the ball, and when she left, she tweeted, "Just left the Marine Corps Ball. Thanks to all of the marines I had the opportunity to meet tonight! Thank you for all that you do!" Then"she showed, once again, that her heart was in the right...(Read Full Post)