Mitt who?

In the space of less than a fortnight, Mitt Romney has become persona non grata in the GOP. This, despite the fact that most of the Republican leaders who skewered Mitt Romney on the talk shows yesterday pushed him on the rest of the party to begin with. It appears that most of the Republican establishment want to forget Romney, pushing him off the national stage while washing their hands of any blame for the election debacle. Washington Times: Mitt Romney's excommunication from the GOP continued over the weekend, with top Republicans growing increasingly angry with the defeated presidential candidate for the damage he's done - and continues to do - to the party's image. "I absolutely reject what he said," Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal said on "Fox News Sunday" in reference to Mr. Romney's latest statements implying that he lost the Asian, Hispanic and black vote by even bigger margins than expected because President Obama had supplied those voting blocs with "gifts." "We as a...(Read Full Post)