Michigan voters rebuke unions

Well below the national media's radar, Michigan voters delivered a defeat to the unions, especially the SEIU, rejecting two ballot measures that would have entrenched union power. Proposal 4, a proposed constitutional amendment that would have in effect made home health care workers government employees, and fodder for the SEIU. Dave Murray of M Live reports: Proposal 4, an effort to classify home healthcare workers as public employees because they accept money from a government program, was soundly defeated Tuesday, The measure failed 57 percent to 43 percent, with 2,499,905 people voting against the proposal and 1,897,084 voting in favor, with 95 percent of the precincts reporting. (Update: the final result was 60 - 40) The proposal would have amended the state constitution to create a registry that was intended to link caregivers with elderly and disabled people, as well as provide background checks and some training to the workers. But opponents said the move was orchestrated by...(Read Full Post)