Lucky O

Obama was always been lucky.  The October Surprise was Hurricane Sandy and the resultant photo op for Obama played right into the hopes of many who had voted for him in 2008 and weren't ready to let go of who they had always wanted Obama to be.  There was Obama, looking both Presidential and bipartisan next to Republican Governor Chris Christie.  Sandy left Romney in the position of the nice guy fiancé of the woman who has just heard the bad boy who let her down, refresh out of rehab, promise her it will all be different this time.  Maybe she knows she isn't being smart but she isn't ready to settle for safe.  Mr. Nice Guy doesn't stand a chance.  Maybe that is why so many of Obama's supporters are single women.  Their judgment about men is simply appalling.  Obama shrewdly reinforced this image with a big ad buy of General Colin Powell's endorsement. Republican news junkies see Powell as a political general who often put his reputation with...(Read Full Post)