Look out! Here comes Jeb Bush for President

"Bush III?" Haven't we had enough with Bush I and II? Not if those very same establishment Republicans who gave us Mitt "Flat Tire" Romney have their ways. The Drudge Report headlines it today as "Bush III." As in Jeb Bush, former Florida governor and son and brother to George I and George II, respectively. Drudge's headline links to a short entry at National Review's "The Corner." That would be quite a Trifecta, wouldn't it? Jeb Bush picking up where his pa and bro left off? George H.W. Bush won the White House in 1988 on the wave created by President Reagan. With the help of the late Lee Atwater, Bush ran an aggressive campaign against the hapless Michael Dukakis. Winning handily, in forty-eight short months, the elder Bush triumphed in a quick war in Iraq, soared in popularity, and then managed to renege on his "Read my lips, no new taxes" pledge at time when the economy was wobbly, no less. The elder Bush went down to an ignominious defeat in 1992, garnering only 37% of the...(Read Full Post)