Julia Stayed Home; Jane Voted

Julia stayed home this election. Jane voted. Although the actual results of the 2012 presidential election will be examined for days to come, I would be willing to bet that women's votes showed a dramatic change from 2008. Julia, living in her government-funded world, couldn't find the enthusiasm to vote for the hand that coddled her. Jane, however, was energized to vote for the hand of freedom. I first met Jane when I attended a ballot challenge hearing in Atlanta, Georgia. Last spring, I wrote about the challenge to the natural born citizenship of Barack Obama for American Thinker in a series of columns. If you didn't hear about the historic hearing that actually questioned the eligibility of a sitting president, it was because the mainstream media blacked it out. Jane introduced herself to me as she offered a spot next to her on a bench in the holding area outside the courtroom. I explained to her who I was and what I was doing there, and later, as we sat together at the hearing...(Read Full Post)