Israel fires into Syria again

Is Bashar Assad insane? I can't imagine a Syrian mortar crew taking it upon themselves to fire a round at an Israeli military station on the Golan Heights. But that is what happened for the second straight day. And Israel didn't fire a "warning shot" this time. Reuters: Israel's army fired tank shells into Syria on Monday and scored "direct hits" in response to a Syrian mortar shell that struck the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights, the Israeli military said in a statement. It was the second time in as many days that Israel had fired across the disengagement line drawn at the end of a war in 1973, underscoring international fears that Syria's civil war could ignite a broader regional conflict. Israeli military sources said Syrian mobile artillery was directly hit in the incident. There was no immediate word on whether it had been in the hands of Syrian army forces or the rebels they are battling. On Sunday the military said it had a fired a guided missile into Syria in a ...(Read Full Post)