IDF inches closer to ground war in Gaza

One gets the sense that Prime Minister Netanyahu is reluctant to order ground troops into Gaza, considering the probability of collateral damage to civilians and the resulting outcry from even some of Israel's nervous friends. But he also appears determined to strike at the ability of Hamas to kill Israeli citizens. For this, he will probably need to send in the troops to take out the missile sites as well as destroy Hamas' missile stockpile. Egypt, which might be expected to try and use the crisis to exit the Camp David accords, has been relatively quiet. Has President Morsi gotten pragmatic all of a sudden? New York Times: If Israel goes back into Gaza, both Egypt and Jordan - the only two Arab countries with peace treaties with Israel - would come under pressure from their people to break off ties, a move that would undoubtedly strengthen Hamas. But to the relief of Obama administration officials, Mr. Morsi so far has not hinted at such a move, which would threaten the 1979...(Read Full Post)