I am Embarrassed to be an American Today

Barack Obama is not my president, not by a long shot, but unfortunately he is the president of my country. I am embarrassed to be an American today where so many people are oblivious to the damage being done to the fabric of our country and who voted for four more years of his destruction. I cannot understand how so many people know so little about this man, and when they find out the facts about his background, choose to ignore his anti-American influences, his checkered past, his hidden records, and his lack of any accomplishment other than being elected to political office. I cannot understand how these same people see Obama's economic policies that failed to address the underlying problems and served to stagnate and lengthen the economic recovery. I cannot understand how these same people can watch Obama's foreign-policy tactics and not see America's reputation and influence degrade before their eyes. It is said that there are now two Americas that are not on speaking terms. I...(Read Full Post)