Government-owned Utility Fails on Long Island

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, once considered a rising star Democrat, is facing a storm of criticism over the dismal performance of the state-owned electrical utility, Long Island Power Authority, in the wake of Superstorm Sandy. Even today, over ten thousand Long Islanders remain without power. The danger signs were obvious well before Sandy hit. The New York Post wrote: A state-authorized independent analysis undertaken after Hurricane Irene last year found LIPA to be an outdated, barely competent organization. The agency had ignored a 2006 recommendation that it update its management system, which runs on an obsolete 25-year-old computer language. During Sandy, LIPA used memo pads and dial-up Internet access - rather than smartphones and tablet computers - to track power outages. For years, the agency has neglected such critical tasks as maintaining rotting poles and trimming trees around power lines. In the wake of Irene, what did Cuomo do? Bill Hammond of the New York Daily...(Read Full Post)