Geek's Guide to Election Night

You know who you are. Most nights you are still awake after a comedic interlude with Greg Gutfeld, so you tune in to a rerun of Rachel Maddow to satisfy your inner masochist. On election night, you have lined up your energy drinks, coffee and favorite snacks to get you through the 18 hours from 6 PM (EST) on election night to noon or beyond on the next day. You are probably watching alone, since your friends have long ago dismissed you as dangerously obsessed. But that won't stop you from hurling profanities at the TV set. You are hoping for an early concession by shocked and sobbing MSNBC hosts that somehow Obama has lost and that Harry Reid's reign of terror is ending. But a small part of you hopes that when you finally doze off at noon on Wednesday, the results are still uncertain enough to feed your addiction just a bit longer. For all my fellow junkies, even the liberal ones, here is a guide to the first few hours of the last few hours of your favorite day of the leap year. The...(Read Full Post)