Gay Marriage: Healthy Debate Must Not Stifled

OK, I'll say what few others else will: The love which formerly dared not speak its name, now not only shouts it from the housetops and on prime time TV shows, it has become a domineering, covetous love, seeking to take for itself more than what rightfully belongs to it. Gay marriage is simply a bridge too far. As a gay man, I am saddened by the license political correctness issues to same-sex marriage proponents to be uncivil and repress debate. I was a panelist at a Town Hall meeting held near Annapolis several days ago, explaining to my fellow Marylanders why they should vote against Question 6, regarding same-sex marriage. At one point, a man stood up to ask a question. He, along with every other person in the room, knew that I am gay, so he prefaced his point with, "First of all, I need to state that I am not a 'hater,'" before continuing on. My reaction surprised the crowd: "It's a tragedy that anyone who questions the plausibility of an idea as implausible as same sex...(Read Full Post)