Four-D Ultrasounds Show Videos of Unborn Children

Ultrasounds have long been a thorn in the side of abortion sellers. This is because the images of hearts beating inside the womb, and of children sucking their thumbs or reacting to outside stimuli, have gone a long way in undercutting the "mass of cells" or "bundle of DNA" theories abortionists pawn to ease the consciences of prospective clients. And this is why pro-abortion forces demonize the 24 states that require an ultrasound before an abortion -- they know that mothers who look upon their children's faces will have a harder time looking the other way while an abortionist stops a beating heart. With this understood, abortionists have to be more than a little concerned with the growing number of next-generation ultrasounds, which are taking images and video from inside the womb to unimagined levels. Four-D ultrasound scans, the latest variants of which were released last year, can be found at hospitals throughout the country and are being used by researchers to watch the...(Read Full Post)