Israel and the Impossible Peace with Hamas

For the first time since 1991, air raid sirens blared in the city of Tel Aviv this week, as Hamas' militants rained hundreds of rockets upon the Israeli civilian population from Gaza.  Israel immediately responded with airstrikes against Hamas' command centers and rocket launching sites. Once again, a council of Western elite and media personalities held a global discussion to decide how they think Israel should deal with the threat Hamas poses. "We must have a ceasefire and diplomacy!" said many.  "Recognizing Hamas' legitimacy is the first step on the path to peace!" said others.  The phrase "two-state solution" was liberally peppered in each of these suggestions, as it often is, as a means of signifying a certain neutrality and soundness in judgment. These generic proposals always sound nice.  But a reasonable observer might be inclined to question the impractical nature of the requests, particularly in regard to Hamas, and understand why Israel would do better...(Read Full Post)