Food fight at Harvard Business School

There are college food fights, most memorably John Belushi's iconic standard in Animal House. And then there is the recent Harvard School of Business food fight, which, as one would expect, is less physical but more vitriolic, more hate filled than Belushi's. As a result, while it is  so much sillier on the surface it is so foreboding for the future, so revealing about the ugliness and fear at Harvard.  The Harvard incident started when the B School cafeteria hosted an Israeli food station offering among other choices Israeli cous cous, zatar chicken, spice roast lamb, tahini sauce and fattoush salad at its daily rotating international buffet. Lebanese Harvard graduate, Sara el-Yafi, immediately objected, posting to facebook   a letter of protest to the university describing the Israeli buffet's menu as an affront to Arabs, as such foods as humous and couscous are not of Israeli origin. "That 'Israeli Mezze ...(Read Full Post)